Williams Osteopathy of Okehampton

Williams Osteopathy of Okehampton is a modern, welcoming clinic nestled within the historic market town of Okehampton, find us on Market Street opposite the cinema.

Williams Osteopathy Okehampton provides Osteopathic treatment for everyone from young babies through to senior citizens, including everything from work and sporting injuriesback and neck ache, to pregnancy-related aches and pains, headaches, arthritis and joint replacement rehabilitation. 

Incorporated within our treatments may be a combination of specific spinal and joint manipulation, mobilisation of joints, stretching / muscle energy technique / strain-counterstrain, Sports Massage, Kinesiology Taping, Cranial, Visceral techniques (for example, this can include manipulation of the gut for scarring post-surgery) and Medical Acupuncture.

Within each treatment advice will be given on specific stretches, exercisesposture, work space set-up and any other appropriate management and rehabilitation, such as hot and cold packs. We may refer you on to other practitioners or your GP for further tests or investigations, such as X-rays, MRI scans or blood tests, if required.


Osteopathy is a highly regulated, established manual therapy, that focuses primarily on the musculoskeletal system. Osteopaths are considered Allied Healthcare Professionals (NHS England) utilising a mixture of different techniques including Osteopathic adjustments (a joint release / manipulation) in order to influence the structure and function of the joints, muscles, ligaments and neurology. Osteopaths can help patients of all ages suffering with pain, including conditions such as arthritis, migraines, sciatica and sporting injuries.

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage helps your immune system to repair a range of sporting, postural and work injuries. Stretching the muscle fibres and stimulating circulation improves range of motion and flexibility. Not only will this allow quicker recovery, it may also prevent future injury.

Medical Acupuncture

Western Medical Acupuncture at Williams Osteopathy can be incorporated within your Osteopathic treatment, it involves using very fine needles to stimulate sensory nerves in order to moderate pain pathways, it also acts to promote an immune response, speeding up the repair process. According to The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) acupuncture is recommended for chronic headaches and migraines and is effective treatment for other conditions such as chronic neck pain, joint pain, dental pain and postoperative pain.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping (KT) is a specific taping method applied to support joints, but still allow the surrounding muscles to function, decreasing muscle fatigue. KT acts to microscopically lift the skin to encourage a reduction in oedema and inflammation, via the lymphatic system, therefore reducing pain. KT can assist in re-education of the muscles and joints through increased proprioceptive input, allowing an improvement in range of motion and therefore helping you to return to the activities you love sooner.

Contact Williams Osteopathy

Get in touch with us to book an appointment with our Osteopaths in Okehampton. We can offer advice and answer any queries you may have, so if you require any details on the treatments we offer, contact our professional team today.

What our patients are saying

  • Have been seeing jo and Stewart Williams now for some time and they are brilliant with what they do and such lovely friendly people who make you feel at ease . I saw jo today and the relief and release in my back is wonderful. Even sat in the car driving home felt better . They certainly have magic hands . I can’t recommend them highly enough…

    Lucy walker

    Friendly and professional support and advise Jo has really helped with my back pain- I had a couple of occasions where I had to take time off of work but since seeing Jo this has not happened. Now I am pregnant she is still seeing me and offering great advise not just for my usual back pain but new pregnancy related pain issues as well. During these strange months of lockdowns and reduced NHS services she has helped me more than any other health professional. I highly recommend a trip to Williams Osteopathy.

    Ruth Palmer

    Fantastic, professional service

    Debbie Mclaughlin
  • Jo is amazing. She has helped me so much with, what was, crippling sciatica.

    Jacqui Royse

    Very good and friendly service

    Charles Molyneux

    I have been visiting for treatment for about one year. They are the most friendly and helpful people. My back problems have certainly improved since their intervention.

    Reddaways Removals
  • The professionalism and friendliness is second to none

    Sam Tallowin

    Jo Williams and team are amazing. Thank you for helping me with my shoulder.

    Alena Wratislavova

    Wonderful Jo just know were you pain is and it is like she got magic Fingers you definitely feel better after your treatment highly recommended.

    Sue Bodiam
  • Cheap excellent service

    martin warren

    Had my first visit here today and found it all excellent.

    Bevill Smithers

    Really helped with my back pain, very friendly staff, good rates not to expensive, would highly recommend.

    Kathleen Clark
  • Friendly & professional service. Highly recommended

    Sharon Mew

    Lovely staff and great service

    Ian Warren

    Jo is great, sorted my knee and also my son’s back.

    Darryl Cole
  • Highly recommend

    Catherine Bragg

    I cannot thank Jo enough for all her help with a very painful shoulder and elbow. I would recommend with out hesitation

    Jo Glanfield

    Have been attending this clinic for many months and have always received professional service with great results.

    Derek Day
  • Had my second appointment with Jo today after hurting my back/shoulder blade a few months ago and being in pain ever since. The staff are all lovely and for the first time in months I am sat comfortably without pain relief and feel so much better! Thank you very much!

    Katie Louise

    Brilliant, Sarah has been treating my lower back pain for 4 weeks, once a week and only one more week to go. I could bearly move comfortably and was in extreme pain from pressure on sciatic nerve. She had been brilliant in turning me from tears to smiles. Great little practise, highly recommend!

    Louise West

    These girls are very good, I have seen a few osteopaths over the years but Jo is without a doubt top two of of the people I’ve had work on me. Very relaxing practice very fair prices for the work you need doing. Very professional.

    Matthew West
  • Friendly staff and a good service.

    Peter Currie

    I have been seeing Jo for treatment for a few months now and I have got to say it has been great. I was in extriuating pain when I first went to see Jo and over the course of the treatments and exercises I have been doing at home the improvement to both my flexibility and decrease in pain as been very noticeable.

    Yvette Tilley

    Had a great first treatment with jo on Monday…I’ve been having pain and tension in my shoulders and neck for a while, she did a thorough consultation, gave a brilliant treatment and some aftercare advice for at home in between treatments. Amazing value for money and very professional! Looking forward to my next treatment.

    Katie Drew
  • After hurting my back while on holiday I contacted the practice first thing in the morning.The reception staff were excellent and compassionate, managing to fit me in the same day.Jo was very thorough in her initial investigation and was able to ease my discomfort and gave me a couple of gentle stretches to help it stay mobile through the remainder of my week away.Excellent diagnosis and treatment, well appointed and tastefully decorated surroundings and a very good cup of tea when I first arrived!

    Chris Ash

    I always feel great after a treatment with Jo, She has a very professional approach with expert advice making me feel valued as an individual. Jo is dedicated to what she does and produces an excellent treatment and service as a result, I cannot recommend her enough.

    laura Fowler

    First class treatment. Due to the complexities of my issues I more or less given up any hope of any relief but Jo is extremely knowledgeable and has great insight. Completely felt at ease and really friendly environment. Situated in the town centre ideal walking distance.

    Tracey Amhof